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11 July 2005

One World Trust concert

The One World Trust, which works with global organisations towards the eradication of poverty, injustice and war, is putting on…
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17 August 2004

England’s Creationist Schools

[img]https://humanists.international/uploads/creationist.jpg[/img]Plans for a badly needed new school for a small village in the middle of England recently hit the national…
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Campaigns / 12 August 2004

Veiling Young Girls

Recent events in both France and England have again focused attention on the wearing of the veil, headscarf or hijab…
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Humanists International News / 3 August 2004

Address for IHEU Mail

[img]https://humanists.international/uploads/DarwinGowerStreet.jpg[/img]Some mail meant for IHEU is still being sent to IHEU's old address at 47 Theobald's Road. Mail redirection will…
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