Alliance of Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics Luxembourg appoint new president

  • blog Type / Membership blog
  • Date / 14 May 2019
  • By / Humanists International
  • Bob Reuter new President of AHA Luxembourg
  • Laurent Schley appointed Honorary President

AHA LuxembourgIn the presence of Taina Bofferding, Minister for the Interior and Minister for Equality between Women and Men, the ordinary General Assembly of the Alliance of Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics Luxembourg, Allianz vun Humanisten, Atheisten an Agnostiker Lëtzebuerg (AHA Lëtzebuerg) took place on Friday 10 May 2019 at the Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster.

In his farewell speech, outgoing president Laurent Schley thanked members and supporters for their support and the Board of Directors for its exemplary cooperation.

Together, they have achieved a great deal in the last nine years. In addition to political progress, freedom from religion had been destigmatised to a large extent and made socially acceptable in Luxembourg.

Laurent Schley was subsequently unanimously appointed Honorary President by the General Assembly. The new president of AHA Lëtzebuerg is Bob Reuter.

In his inaugural speech, Reuter outlined an overall strategy for AHA Luxembourg’s future development, including the promotion of secularism (state neutrality regarding religion or belief), promotion of the interests and rights of non-religious people; and the promotion of the values of enlightenment, reason and science. In the area of humanistic services, an offer of humanistic celebrations (welcome celebrations for children, weddings, funerals) is to be developed in the coming years, so that people can use alternatives to religious ceremonies.

In her closing speech, Taina Bofferding, a former co-founder of AHA Luxembourg, welcomed the ideas of the new president and also announced changes to give community leaders more opportunities in the field of civil ceremonies.

The new board is composed as follows: Bob Reuter (psychologist, president), Jean-Marc Cloos (psychiatrist and addiction therapist), Jerome Faber (philologist), Eric François (computer scientist), David Kieffer (engineer), Noémie Leer (ethnologist), Dirk Leistico (business economist), Jean-Paul Lickes (chemist), Jerry Medernach (sports scientist), Sonja Reiter (psychologist) and Pol Wirtz (management consultant).

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