“My humanism is a work in progress”: a personal definition by JC, one of our Individual Supporters

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  • Date / 30 June 2021
  • By / Humanists International

JC Candanedo is an Individual Supporter of Humanists International. He is a humanist activist and a London-based Queer and Migrant Visual Artist. He is the author of a humanist podcast and blog on jccandanedo.com


My Humanism is my personal philosophy of life. I strive to be an ethical, compassionate and responsible person every single day.

My Humanism is not perfect, but it’s a work in progress. It is open to being challenged because I know that I might be wrong about some of the things that I believe.

My Humanism is universal, I treat fellow humans and other species with compassion, warmth, understanding, and respect.

My Humanism is individual, I give meaning to my own life because I believe it’s the only life that we have.

My Humanism is secular, I reject any form of superstition or belief in the supernatural but acknowledge the importance of respecting and coexisting with those who have these beliefs.

My Humanism is introspective. I recognise the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness and understand that only when you love and take care of yourself is that you can love and take care of others.

My Humanism is pro-Humanity, and I know that only by upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and protecting the planet is that we guarantee the continued existence of humankind and the rest of the species that inhabit the Earth.

My Humanism is for everyone, regardless of socio-economic or political background, whether you went to school or learnt everything you know on the streets, no matter if you were born and bred here or came from elsewhere: to me, You matter.

My Humanism is Inclusive, there is a place for everyone at my table and I know that my life is only richer because I’m surrounded by people from all walks of life, from different cultures and different ethnical backgrounds.

My Humanism is feminist, gender identity should not exclude a person from having equal rights.

My Humanism is free, and so is my thinking. It has more questions than answers, but it is rational and relies on logic and evidence to make sense of the world always trusting in science.

My Humanism is not an easy option. There are no rules, no sacred books, no dogma, and there is no divine being to be grateful to or to blame for our problems. I know that I am accountable for my own actions.

And that’s why my Humanism sets me free.

Photo credit:  © 2020 Sarah Tucker

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