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Providing free mental health therapy to ex-Muslims at risk

An example of how we support our Members and Associates around the world through our Growth & Development Plan.

  • case-study Topic / Humanists at risk
  • Date / 20 October 2021
  • By / Giovanni Gaetani

Membership application

Faithless Hijabi was established in October 2018 and since then the organization helped hundreds of ex-Muslims from all over the world to overcome the challenges related to leaving Islam. In July 2020, Faithless Hijabi applied for membership with Humanists International. On 16 October 2020, the General Assembly ratified their membership: Faithless Hijabi is officially an Associate of Humanists International.

The grant

In December 2020, Humanists International announced the 2021 Grants Scheme. Faithless Hijabi applied for a grant for their Mental Health Program. After careful evaluation, the Grants Committee of Humanists International awarded £5,000 to support the project.

Project implementation

After receiving the first half of the grant, the Mental Health Program received a significant boost, managing to support more than 20 ex-Muslims in developing countries between March and October 2021.

In detail…

You can read more about this project on our Supported Projects page or by reading the detailed blog post of Zara Kay, Founder and Director of Faithless Hijabi.

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