Humanists At Risk

Humanists are at risk of persecution or violence in many parts of the world. Humanists International works directly with those at risk, and with other non-government organisations and officials, to advise, improve security, or in some cases to help relocate people under verified threat.

The situation

  • 12 countries can sentence atheists to death under “apostasy” laws.
  • In many more countries, “blasphemy” laws are used to stop humanists promoting human rights, including women’s rights, LGBTI rights and non-religious rights, when they are accused of “insulting religion”.
  • In recent years, freethinkers have been attacked and killed in countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and India.
  • People have been prosecuted by the state for crimes such as “apostasy” or “promoting atheism” or “enmity against God” in countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Pakistan.
  • Humanists have been threatened with prosecution or violence in countries including Malaysia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iran.

And in yet other countries including Poland, Moldova, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and the United States, populist movements and demagogic leaders have coupled with authoritarian religious movements, creating a toxic atmosphere for democracy, threatening secularism and non-religious rights.

But there is hope…

Humanists International is working to change all this.

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We advise and directly support individual humanists at verified risk, from countries where prosecution or violence threaten their fundamental human rights.

We advocate human rights, and highlight cases where humanists have been persecuted or prosecuted, at the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international forums.

We research, record and monitor discrimination and persecution against the non-religious in our ground-breaking Freedom of Thought Report.

And with the support of our Member Organizations around the world, we unite the global humanist movement: providing information, sharing best practice and acting as a hub and support network for humanists everywhere.

Humanists International is recognized as a global leader in highlighting the persecution of humanists, atheists and secularists. We have transformed the way that human rights for non-religious people are seen, drawing world-wide attention to the targeted violence and systematic discrimination faced in many countries.

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