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Policy / 2017 / London, United Kingdom / General Assembly / Current

London Declaration on Secularism

Governments based on religion have been common in the history of human societies and are still common today. Witnessing the…
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Policy / 1986 / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review

Support of the United Nations

The 1986 Humanist World Congress fully agrees with the concepts of the UN and will actively work to support the…
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Policy / 1982 / Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review

International Humanist Ombudsman

The International Humanist and Ethical Union, assembled at its 8th World Congress on “Anti-Humanist Trends: Challenge and Response” in Hanover,…
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Policy / 1978 / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review


It is the sense of the Congress that “work” for humanists, whether it is paid for or done outside of…
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Policy / 1974 / Amsterdam, Netherlands / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review


We, the Sixth International Congress of the IHEU, representing humanists from all over the world, meeting in Amsterdam on August…
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Policy / 1974 / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review

Humanist Manifesto II

Humanist Manifesto II was originally signed by many of the leaders of the world. It has since been endorsed by…
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