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Humanists International News / 23 March 2011

Don’t mention the caste system!

In October 2010, the UN Human Rights Council working group on the implementation of the Durban Declaration and Program of…
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Humanists International News / 25 February 2011

A rare victory for Human Rights

On 25 February 2011, at a hastily called special session, the United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously adopted a resolution to seek the suspension on…
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Humanists International News / 20 October 2010

Erklärung über den Humanismus und Frieden

Erklärung der Internationalen Humanistischen und Ethischen Union (IHEU, Weltdachverband Humanistischer Organisationen) anlässlich des Symposiums „Religionen und Weltfrieden. Zum Friedens- und…
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Humanists International News / 19 October 2010

Humanism and Peace

Humanists in Lower Saxony, Germany, are today holding a public discussion on peace building. The event in Osnabrueck is being…
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