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The unfortunate influence of religion on US Foreign Policy

30 March 2020 | Unnamed Road, Culbertson, NE 69024, USA

Sudan plans to scrap death penalty for apostasy

20 March 2020 | Addabah, Sudan

Blasphemy laws abolished in Ireland

21 January 2020 | Ireland

Humanists call on Norway to make constitution more inclusive

3 October 2019 | Fv120, 3580 Geilo, Norway

"Hello Humanists!": a new travelling vodcast about humanists in Asia

16 August 2019 | Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, 663416

New Zealand's national "Diversity" statement excludes non-religious people

8 July 2019 | 406-395 Rock Rd, Pahiatua 4987, New Zealand

"Abortion rights activists protest in Mexico City, where abortion is decriminalised. However, abortion is illegal in much of the country." (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters/Reuters)

When a miscarriage means you go to jail

22 March 2019 | El Salvador

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Our work focuses on those rights that are threatened, abused or undermined by harmful traditional, cultural and religious practices. We have a specific concentration on freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief, the rights of women, LGBTI equality and the rights of the child.

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