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Policy / 2015 / Manila, Philippines / General Assembly / Current

General Statement of Policy

The General Assembly adopts the following IHEU General Statement of Policy of the International Humanist and Ethical Union as an…
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Policy / 1970 / Cambridge, United States of America / Board of Directors / Pending Review

Human Rights (1970)

The International Humanist and Ethical Union, meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts for its 5th International Congress, records its deep concern about…
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Policy / 2007 / Europe / Brussels, Belgium / Board of Directors / Pending Review

The Brussels Declaration

We, the people of Europe, hereby affirm our common values. They are based not on a single culture or tradition…
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Policy / 1962 / World Humanist Congress / Pending Review

World policy

The congress has taken note of the following statement on World Policy and urges each member organisation to set up…
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Policy / 1986 / South Africa / Oslo, Norway / World Humanist Congress / Archived

Opposing apartheid in South Africa (1986)

Apartheid in South Africa, which is systematic racism, violates fundamental principles which humanists believe must be basic for all people.…
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