Young Humanists International

Young Humanists International is the youth section of Humanists International. We are the connecting link between young people in humanist organizations from around the world.

Here’s how we work

We help young humanists (age 18-35) get connected through our programs and annual events.

We have presence in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, through our regional working groups, which bring young humanists together in each region to address issues that are specific to their part of the world.

Our committee is elected from among young representatives nominated by Humanists International member organizations.


The vision of Young Humanists International is to give a voice to young humanists within the mission of Humanists International. The mission of Humanists International is to build and represent the global humanist movement that defends human rights and promotes humanist values worldwide.


To bring into active association youth groups and young humanist individuals throughout the world interested in promoting humanism, as is described in the Amsterdam Declaration 2002.

Aims of Young Humanists International

  • To strengthen humanist youth organisations and youth work.
  • To promote the development of cooperation among member organizations and humanist youth, especially on the international level.
  • To promote circulation of information and expertise among member organizations and humanist youth.
  • To carry out educational and cultural action in order to promote a Humanist vision of cultural, social and ethical values.
  • To represent its members to any and all international governing institutions on all questions related to the organizations purpose.
  • To contribute and give a voice to youth humanism on the international level.
  • To provide training and education.
  • To build organisational capacity.
  • To provide networking and information sharing.

You can find more details about the Young Humanists International structure by reading our bylaws (item 6.2 under the Humanists International Bylaws (PDF)).

Structure of Young Humanists International


The Young Humanists International executive committee is composed of at least a president, secretary-general and treasurer. Other posts (up to 12 in total) may be created by the committee, but the general assembly must elect the officials to fill them. The mandate for all current committee members ends on the 2018 general assembly, when the new committee shall be elected.

The Young Humanists International executive committee is currently composed of 9 officers: the president, secretary general, treasurer, communications officer, and the chairs of each regional working group. Besides the formal committee members (in bold), several other appointed volunteers help us carry out our activities. You can find information about our current administration in more detail below.

Young Humanists International executive committee

Working Groups

Communications department

  • Anya Overmann (United States) – Communications officer / Humanist Voices editor
  • Ariel Pontes (Brazil) – Webmaster / Humanist Voices editor
  • Scott Jacobsen (Canada) – Humanist Voices editor
  • Penny Komes (United States) – Graphic Designer

Africa Working Group (AfWG)

  • Roslyn Mould (Ghana) – Chair:
  • Harrison Mumia (Kenya) – East Africa regional representative
  • Violin Namyalo (Uganda) – East Africa regional representative
  • Okoye Francis Chukwuebuka (Nigeria) – West Africa regional representative
  • Siyomnqoba Xolo (South Africa) – Southern Africa regional representative

Americas Working Group (AmWG)

  • Ariel Pontes (Brazil) – Chair:
  • Julia Julstrom-Agoyo (United States) – Secretary
  • Alvaro Efrain Aguilar Zanabria (Peru)
  • Anya Overmann (United States)
  • Emily Newman (United States)
  • Scott Jacobsen (Canada)

Asia Working Group (AsWG)

  • Feng Chin Wen (Taiwan, Province of ChinaInformation about why we use this terminology) – Chair:
  • Danielle Hill (Phillipines – HAPI) – Secretary
  • Nabina Maharjan (Nepal – SOCH Nepal) – Treasurer
  • Rana Sattar (Pakistan – Humanist Society Pakistan) – Vice Chair, Central Asia

Europe Working Group (EWG)

  • Emma Bryce (UK) – Chair:
  • Conrad Brown (UK)
  • James Fogg (UK)

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