Young Humanists International

Young Humanists International is the youth section of Humanists International. We are the connecting link between young people in humanist organizations from around the world.

Here’s how we work

We help young humanists (age 18-35) get connected through our programs and annual events.

We have presence in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, through our regional working groups, which bring young humanists together in each region to address issues that are specific to their part of the world.

Our committee is appointed from among young representatives nominated by Humanists International Members and Associates.


Young Humanists International aims to:

  1. Connect young humanists from different parts of the world
  2. Help them grow and develop themselves as humanists
  3. Enable them to take part in the development and spread of humanism including in humanist organisations nationally and internationally

In order to achieve these aims Young Humanists International:

  1. Convenes an ongoing programme of global and regional gatherings of young humanists where they can connect and engage with each other and develop their humanist approach to life
  2. Maintains ways for young humanists to connect and engage with each other online, develop their humanist approach to life, and stay informed about the youth activities of humanist organisations
  3. Publishes resources on humanism and other materials through organised young humanist networks and shares examples of good practice to inspire young humanists to take actions
  4. Provides training on humanism, humanist activism and general skills training
  5. Distributes grants to young humanists within humanist organisations for relevant activities
  6. Has a leadership that is approachable and responsive to young humanists to learn about their needs and wishes and get feedback
  7. Makes sure young humanist perspectives are represented within the planning and operations of Humanists International
  8. Campaigns in a youth voice on humanist issues and policies and by highlighting those voices that come from disadvantaged backgrounds

Structure of Young Humanists International



  • Anya Overmann (USA) : president.young@humanists.international

Volunteer Regional Coordinators

Africa Regional Committee

  • Violin Namyalo (Uganda) – Chair: africa.young@humanists.international

Americas Regional Committee

  • vacant position: americas.young@humanists.international

Asia Regional Committee

  • Danielle Hill (Phillipines) – Chair: asia.young@humanists.international

Europe Regional Committee

  • Hari Parekh (UK) – Chair: europe.young@humanists.international

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