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Conferences / 28 December 2006

Humanist Youth Summer School, 2007

Location: In the Baltic Sea Region. (Northern Poland, Southern Finland, North-Eastern Germany, Eastern Denmark, South- or Middle-Sweden). Participants: 30 to…
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Campaigns / 1 August 2005

The Carol Park Campaign

Several thousands of Romanian citizens, amongst whom many public personalities, have protested the handing over of Carol Park in Bucharest…
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Campaigns / 12 July 2004

Holy Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the smallest of the nations that have recently joined the EU. It has a Concordat with…
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Growth and Development / 29 December 2002

Scholarships to visit Budapest

Scholarships for Humanists to visit Budapest Offered by IHEU Member Organisaton, Hungarian Humanist Association (HAA) The Hungarian Humanist Association (HAA),…
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Campaigns / 18 December 2000

Focus on Slovakia

As the European Union opens membership talks with six new candidate nations (viz. Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta),…
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