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Campaigns / 2 August 2004

Satya Sai Baba Exposed (Again)

[img]https://humanists.international/uploads/satyasaibaba.jpg[/img] On 17 June the British television channel BBC2 broadcast Secret Swami, an hour-long documentary on the life, tricks and…
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Campaigns / 13 February 2004

Younus Shaikh e libero!

L'IHEU - Unione Internazionale Etico-Umanista, � lieta di annunciare che il dr. Younus Shaikh, che languiva in isolamento carcerario in…
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Campaigns / 23 January 2004

Dr Younus Shaikh Free!

IHEU is pleased to announce that Dr Younus Shaikh, who has been languishing in gaol in Pakistan since October 2000…
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Campaigns / 5 January 2003

Humanists Must be Released!

Humanists Shahriar Kabir and Muntassir Mamoons Must be Released! Bangladesh Government Impunity must End! The International Humanist and Ethical Union…
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