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Humanists International News / 5 May 2003

Roy Brown New President of IHEU

Roy Brown has been elected unopposed as IHEU President for a three-year term by the IHEU General Assembly meeting in…
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Campaigns / 5 April 2003

Building Iraq as a Nation

The legitimacy of the UN against America's political goals: from IHEU's United Nations Representative, April 2003
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Campaigns / 2 April 2003

The war in Iraq

The war in Iraq: the need for multilateral participation In UN decision making -- From IHEU United Nations Representative
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Humanists International News / 31 March 2003

IHEU Founder celebrates Centenary

IHEU warmly Congratulates H.J. Blackham on his Centenary on March 31st 2003. IHEU, British Humanist Association and Rationalist Press Association,…
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Campaigns / 9 March 2003

Separation of Religion and State

Secretary General of the French Freethinker Association Christian Eyschen interviewed IHEU Director Babu Gogineni on "IHEU, issues of Separation of…
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