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Policy / 1968 / Board of Directors / Archived

Student revolts (1968)

We recognise the great importance for society at large, and for those directly involved, of the justified demands of students…
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Policy / 1966 / Paris, France / Board of Directors / Archived

Maximum world wide supply (1966)

Whereas all the products and primary productive equipment and facilities which can be made available are not sufficient to meet…
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Policy / 1966 / South Africa / Board of Directors / Archived

South African view on humanism (1966)

To Mr. J. de Klerk, Minister of Education, Arts and Science, South Africa. Excellence With reference to the October 31…
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Policy / 1966 / Board of Directors / Archived

Return to peace in Vietnam (1966)

The Board of the International Humanist & Ethical Union being vividly aware of the prolonged and appalling sufferings of the…
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Policy / 1963 / Board of Directors / Archived

Appeal for Preston Cobb (1963)

To the Governor of Georgia, USA: The International Humanist & Ethical Union, which has consultative status with UNESCO, shares the…
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Policy / 1962 / World Humanist Congress / Archived

Bihar project (1962)

In as much as a project sponsored by the Radical Humanist Movement of India applies the principles of the Freedom…
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Policy / 1957 / World Humanist Congress / Archived

Nuclear weapons (1957)

All agree that an unprecedented situation has emerged with the power of nuclear weapons to execute unimaginable mass slaughter. New…
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Policy / 1957 / World Humanist Congress / Archived

Racial discrimination (1957)

We humanists want every sort of discrimination caused by racial prejudices in the fields of economics, politics, and society to…
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