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Policy / Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany / World Humanist Congress / Archived

World-wide birth control

The International Humanist & Ethical Union, assembled at its 8th World Congress in Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany, August 1-5,…
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Policy / 1992 / World Humanist Congress / Current

Human Rights and Development

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) supports human rights conventions adopted by the United Nations, the Council of Europe…
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Policy / 1991 / Board of Directors / Current

State support for humanism

Whereas, the IHEU recognises that many countries offer financial support either to established churches or to religious groups in general,…
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Policy / 1970 / Executive Committee / Current


The Amsterdam Declaration of the International Humanist & Ethical Union affirms that the fullest possible development of every human being…
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Policy / 1957 / Board of Directors / Current

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Board of Directors of IHEU requests member organisations, to encourage the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,…
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Policy / Australia / Regional Congress / Current

Death Penalty

Whereas the International Humanist and Ethical Union affirms the worth and dignity of every human being and has, through past…
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Policy / 1952 / Amsterdam, Netherlands / World Humanist Congress / Current

Amsterdam Declaration 1952

This congress is a response to the wide spread demand for an alternative to the religions which claim to be…
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Policy / 2010 / Brussels, Belgium / General Assembly / Current

Education in schools

Education should fit the individual for life as a full participant in society, and teach self-respect and respect for the…
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