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Policy / 2000 / Bangladesh / Board of Directors / Archived

Taslima Nasreen (2000-12)

Honorable Prime Minister We address you this open letter, alarmed at the treatment of our fellow humanist and defender of…
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Policy / 2000 / Australia / Regional Congress / Archived

Alcohol and drugs

This Congress urges government to allocate considerably higher funding for prevention (not including prohibition) and treatment of alcohol and other…
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Policy / 2000 / Australia / Australia / Regional Congress / Archived

Euthanasia (2000-11)

This Congress urges the state governments of Australia and the government of New Zealand to enact legislation which will permit…
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Policy / 1999 / Iraq / Mumbai, India / General Assembly / Archived

Iraq (1999-01)

The IHEU commiserates with the suffering of the Iraqi people and deplores the economic sanctions, bombings, and use of depleted…
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Policy / 1993 / Board of Directors / Archived

Destructive cults and sects

The following resolution was rescinded by the IHEU General Assembly on 8 June 2008 and is therefore no longer in…
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Policy / 1993 / Yugoslavia (former) / Board of Directors / Archived

Yugoslavia and “ethnic cleansing” (1993)

The International Humanist and Ethical Union deplores the intense inter-communal hatred and warfare that have been unleashed in the former…
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