Since 1952 we have created policy positions on important global issues.

Our policies are passed in-line with our general statement of policy, agreed in 2015.

Here you can search our database of past and current policy papers, which guide the work of our organization.

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Policy / 1972 / Board of Directors / Archived

Racial discrimination (1972)

In accordance with the charter of the United Nations and basic human rights, the IHEU calls for an end to…
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Policy / 1972 / Board of Directors / Archived

Disarmament (1972)

The IHEU endorses all measures to reduce the danger of war and therefore welcomes the SALT strategic arms limitation agreement…
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Policy / 1972 / Board of Directors / Archived

Pollution: Atomic testing (1972)

The IHEU supports all organisations fighting pollution and working to restore and preserve a healthy world environment. The IHEU is…
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Policy / 1972 / Board of Directors / Current

Penal reform

The IHEU strongly supports international movements for penal reform. We do not deny that modern states need prisons of one…
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Policy / 1972 / Czechoslovakia (former) / Board of Directors / Archived

Political repression (1972)

The free expression of opinion being a basic human right, the IHEU condemns all violations of that right wherever they…
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Policy / 1971 / Executive Committee / Pending Review


Ethical Humanists often have had the vision to seek leadership and were given [giving?] leadership in the International Bodies that…
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Policy / 1970 / Board of Directors / Archived

The population problem (1970)

When discussing common responsibilities in the present situation ethical humanists cannot refrain from bringing up the issue of birth-control. We…
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