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Policy / 2016 / Myanmar / Valetta, Malta / General Assembly / Current

The situation for the Rohingyas

Religious tensions between Buddhists and Muslims in South East Asia jeopardize traditions of religious tolerance and co-existence.  IHEU condemns the…
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Policy / 2016 / Asia / Valetta, Malta / General Assembly / Current

The situation in Iraq and Syria

The crisis in the Middle East represents a grave challenge to all of humanity. The IHEU condemns the use of religion…
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Case Study / 1 February 2019

Café Humaniste

Café Humaniste is a model event that we support people to organise around the world.

The background

In 2017 Humanists International decided to find new original ways to expand its reach worldwide. Together with the creation of new resources and new grants, Humanists International decided to experiment a new format called "Café Humaniste".

The idea is simple: in collaboration with local Member Organizations, Humanists International organises informal events in countries all over the world with the goal of bringing humanists together to talk about any theme related to humanism.

Humanists International provides financial and media support while our Member Organisations manage the logistics for the event itself.

The launch of the series

The pilot event was organised on 16 June 2017 in Milan (Italy) by Humanists International and the Milan Circle of UAAR, the Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics. The theme of the event was "what we talk about when we talk about vaccination?": the speakers and the public were invited to discuss the importance of the vaccination from a scientific point of view as well as the incontinence and danger of the anti-vaccination conspiracies.

The pilot event being a success, Humanists International decided to continue with the Café Humaniste series, organising since then around 6 events every year, all around the world. Here are some pics.

How to organise a Café Humaniste

Organising a Café Humaniste is simple. At the beginning of every year Humanists International announces the new grants which are reserved to all our Member Organisations, especially those in our three priority regions (Latin America, Asia, Africa).

We have created a guide (available both in English and in Spanish) which will guide everyone interested to organise an event of the series in six clear steps. If you interested in organising one Café Humaniste, don't forget to get in touch first with to verify the availability of the grant.

The background
The launch of the series
How to organise a Café Humaniste
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Conference / 31 May 19 - 02 June 19

General Assembly 2019

The 2019 Humanists International General Assembly (GA) will take place on Sunday 2 June 2019 in Reykjavik, Iceland, in conjunction…
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Policy / 2015 / Manila, Philippines / General Assembly / Current

General Statement of Policy

The General Assembly adopts the following IHEU General Statement of Policy of the International Humanist and Ethical Union as an…
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Policy / 2017 / London, United Kingdom / General Assembly / Current

London Declaration on Secularism

Governments based on religion have been common in the history of human societies and are still common today. Witnessing the…
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